parking lot stripesWith constant parking lot traffic, your parking lot area is bound to be worn out over time. Care and attention is necessary to maintain your parking lot for and aesthetics. Your parking lot is crucial to the curb appeal of your business and regular maintenance is necessary if you expect your customers to keep coming back. Some parking lot maintenance practices for business include:

Regular cleaning

A good cleaning at least every month can help keep your parking lot looking bright and clean. Cleaning is also necessary to maintain the durability of asphalt surfaces. Surface debris such as garbage and leaves reduces the staining and damage of asphalt parking lots. Regular cleaning also saves you money on remodeling.

Pothole repair

You should repair potholes immediately. Potholes can occur from expansion on contraction of the water that enters the ground under pavement. Potholes can grow bigger if left unattended and cause damage to customer vehicles. Pothole repair involves cleaning, introducing the new pavement mix and sealing for the best results.

Seal coating asphalt

Seal coating your asphalt parking lot can prolong the life expectancy of the pavement. Seal coating fills up surface damage and provides an additional protective layer that prevent damaging elements like UV rays, water and vehicle fluids from destroying your pavement surface. Regular seal coat application can help minimize the damage that occurs to your parking lot over time.


Nothing gives you parking lot an instant facelift like re-striping. Parking lot striping gives your parking lot a fresh look, helps organize traffic, maximize parking space and redirects foot traffic to the right areas to minimize accidents and injuries. Parking lot re-stripping should be done at least once a year. Remember to consider parking recommendations for people with disabilities while you are at it.

Clean out oil stains

It only makes sense for your parking lot to end up with oil spots and oil stains due to the amount of vehicles that drive in an out of it every day. Oil spills can break down the integrity of the paving and weaken the surface leading to the development of potholes.

Proper drainage

You should clear any basins of pooling water in your parking lot and ensure your drainage are clean and clear to channel away water from the lot. Water penetration is one of the biggest reasons for asphalt damage and pothole development. Maintaining proper drainage is crucial part of maintaining parking lot in Fayetteville NC.

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