Unlimited Professional Services parking lot safetyInvesting in constructing a parking lot is not a big deal, however, maintaining it, ensuring parking lot safety, and complying with the ADA  rules, is a task where many companies fail. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed by congress in 1990 and requires businesses to make their parking lots and businesses accessible to people with disabilities.

Let’s have a look at the rules and regulations which can aid in making your parking lot safe, secure, and compliant.

Safety Rules and ADA Compliance for Parking Lots:

Marked handicapped parking spaces should be located at a suitable distance from the building entrance. It could be the shortest accessible path or an area where everyone has the easiest access (i.e. near a sidewalk ramp).

If a parking lot is being constructed to accommodate a total of  25 vehicles, one space should be made handicapped accessible. Similarly, for every additional 25 spaces that added, there should be one additional available space. If the parking lot intends to accommodate 500-1000 cars, the handicap accessible spaces should be 2% of the total.

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In a parking lot, at least one among every six ADA compliant parking spaces, should be van-accessible. The van-accessible space should be 8-feet wide and it must be constructed near an 8-foot access aisle thus making the total area 16-feet wide. The car-accessible space should be at least 8-feet wide and the access aisle required next to the car should be 5-feet wide, thus making the parking space 13-feet wide.

The parking surfaces made within the accessible spaces and in the access aisles should be slip-resistant, properly levelled, stable and firm. The slope ratio of about 1:48 inches in somewhat acceptable and contributes a lot in ensuring the parking lot safety. A gradient holds a significant importance in this matter due to assistance devices having wheels.

The ADA hasn’t specified as what color to choose for marking the parking spaces. A de-facto rule is, the color should be in contrast with the color of the parking lot surface, and it should be a bright color that captures the driver’s eye.

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