Unlimited Professional Services parking lot striping Raleigh NCWhen customers arrive in your parking lot, they are thinking about what they will be doing inside the building. It is not their responsibility to organize the parking lot! Faded lines are not very helpful and even worse is a parking lot that has not been demarcated at all. When your customers park their cars incorrectly, it is not only a hassle to other customers, but it may even cause safety hazards, such as a blocked fire hydrant.

Make sure that you invest in bright and safe parking lot striping. Not only does this add a clean cut look to your parking lot, but it shows that you value the organization of your customers and their cars as well as their safety.

When planning and adding striping to your parking lot, remember the color codes:

  • White: white painted lines are using to demarcate parking spaces. When choosing your parking design, don’t forget that when the parking spots are arranged at a 90-degree angle,  they take up less space and force drivers to enter the parking space slower. White lines are usually at least four inches wide.
  • Yellow: yellow painted lines are used to highlight a plane of a new level such as a curb that is higher than the roadbed.
  • Red: red is, of course, the off limit zone to mark those spaces where you do not want any cars to park.
  • Blue: blue painted parking spaces assist in demarcating space for drivers with disabilities.

The National Safety Council advocates for safety in parking lots and has also recommended walkways clearly marked for pedestrians. Directional arrows are also helpful for safer parking lots. According to NSC statistics, 66 percent of drivers make phone calls while in parking lots, not giving sufficient attention to their surroundings. This distraction has contributed to the 50,000 crashes that take place annually in parking lots.

With those rattling statistics in mind, make sure your company is not found at fault for poorly marked parking lots. Bold and sharp lines that grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians are best.

Contact Unlimited Professional Services for all your Raleigh parking lot services.  They  will not only assist with the design and layout of your parking lot for high safety and accessibility but also offer guaranteed quality and durable paint that will last long, as will your peace of mind.