Fence Cleaning and Restoration

Unlimited Professional Services BannerJust like the other exterior areas of your house, your fence is very much exposed to outdoor elements all day and year long. Your fence can easily be damaged and tarnished by dirt, rain, mold or mildew. Unfortunately, leaving your fence covered in dirt and stains will not only make it look unattractive, but it will weaken and cause damage to the structure of your fence. Failing to have it cleaned properly will cause the wood to decay at a faster rate. And you sure don’t want that as it will lead to costly fence repair services or expensive fence replacement services. A good fence cleaning can really refresh the look of your entire yard!

We can help you stop that and get the max life out of YOUR fence!


Unlimited Professional Services is your trusted provider of professional fence cleaning services in the Triangle and surrounding areas. Our Raleigh Triangle powerwashing experts cleaners have the experience and know how to safely and efficiently get your fence cleaned fast.

Powerwash Your Fence & Make It Look New Again

Proper fence cleaning is critical to its longevity. Over time, mold, mildew, and dirt build up on the fence’s surface. Also, your sealant slowly gets worn away. Our Raleigh Power washing professionals will give your fence a heavy-duty clean, and a fresh coat of sealant would further protect it from water damage and daily wear and tear.

However, note that fence pressure washing can cause permanent damage to your wood if not done properly.

Here at Unlimited Professional Services, we will make your fence look like new with our effective and safe cleaning and restoration process. There’s no reason your old fence can’t look good again.

With our process, the years’ worth of grime will be removed along with any discolored wood fibers. Our fence pressure washing service comes with other benefits besides esthetics. By removing all the mold, mildew, and dirt and re-sealing the wood, your fence will be protected from the damaging elements for quite a long time.

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Get the Best Fence Pressure Washing Service!

We are your fence cleaning, restoration and renewal professionals. Count on us!  Unlimited Professional Services is proud to offer our fence washing services that will make your property stand out and even withstand the test of time!

Our expert team will come to your property with specialized equipment and products required to restore your fence to its “like new” condition. We only use top quality wood cleansers and modern power washers to ensure that your fence is free of dirt, stains, mold, dirt, and any other imperfections.


All our technicians are  trained in the newest power washing techniques to ensure a safe and damage-free fence cleaning. We also only use biodegradable products that are not harmful to the environment or your fence.  See a dramatic difference when you look at your wood fence before and after our cleaning.

If you are interested in having your old fence cleaned and to renew its former beauty, give us a call today – because at Unlimited Professional Services we deliver high-quality powerwash cleaning every time! We can pretty much clean anything – take a look at some of our other powerwashing items.

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