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Unlimited Professional Services - Service CarIf there is one sure way to do a whole lot of damage everywhere – it’s an overflowing bathtub, a burst pipe, a leaking hot water heater. The crazy thing about water damage is that it really doesn’t look “that bad.” It never does – initially. Sure there’s standing water on your floor and a bit of time with a mop will probable resolve that issue. Or will it? Water damage is particular problematic because the damage is usually where you DON’T see it – water that leaks down into subflooring, into baseboards, up into plasterboard, down between floors from above… And if it DOESN’T get dried out promptly and properly, you’re going to have a REAL problem.  Mold and mildew don’t take much coaxing – and something like an overflow can do terrible things to your home in minutes. More often it’s uglier than that though – burst a pipe while you were at work? Ouch. You may feel hopeless at the time of, but your best bet is to start looking for water removal and water damage restoration services. 


Unlimited Professional – Guaranteed Solutions!

Unlimited Professional Services can get the water up, and THEN get the areas drying out fast.  The key to effective water damage control is to get things dry – or removed – before they start deteriorating. Things like plywood or OSB subfloors will take it on the chin if water is left to slowly dry. The wood will swell, separate and can cause things like, not only mold/mildew, but also things like the finished flooring to raise or separate as the wood becomes uneven. This does not occur immediately – it will occur in the days and weeks that follow.

Water Damage? Act Fast – Call Unlimited Professional Services

Water DamagedThe solution for the water damage depends on the severity of the problem.  For that reason, we don’t have a “How much is it” calculator.  We will examine the problem and give you a solid estimate on the spot. If you accept the quote, we’ll get started on the fly with getting your home or business cleaned up. Water DamageSometimes the water damage problems are just confined to a certain area and some quality water extraction with some drying fans will get the damage under control. In other cases where the water has flowed throughout a home or business, a heavier approach is needed – like pulling carpet out and completely removing it, cutting away and removing drywall, getting in between walls to allow air circulation and even more.

While we can’t / don’t rebuild your home after a crisis like this, we CAN get your property dried out and stop more damage from occurring!  The key to miimizing damage is to get things opened up and drying as soon as possible. Call Unlimited Professional Services NOW to get your home on the mend! Their’s no need whatsoever to “wait for it to go away” or anything like that, all that does is cost you more and more the more you wait!


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