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Carpet cleaning – yes, EVERY house / home is going to need it at some point. You vacuum the floors religiously – some people even do this daily.  Over time, no matter how much vacuuming you do, those carpets need a good cleaning.  Sure you can try to do it yourself, but it isn’t something that’s particularly simple and leaving cleaners in your carpet – which often happens – can end up ATTRACTING dirt and cause your carpets to get even dirtier – even FASTER.

Unlimited Professional Services is available throughout the Raleigh Triangle area to get those carpets tip top clean – from Fido’s little accidents and hair to those heavy traffic areas. Kids running in and out will take a toll on those carpets before you know it. Unlimited can get them clean now – and the clean stays. We take special care to ensure that all of our cleaning products are thoroughly rinsed so when we leave, your carpet will be clean, fresh and ready to face another day of family wear.


Unlimited Professional Services - EquipmentPet Odor Removal

Removing pet smells (to say it politely) is one of the most common reasons we get called. Your dog, big or small, can have an accident. Get left in and nobody makes it home in time to let Fido out. And your carpet takes a hit. Cats – finicky as they are – often can do serious damage to a carpeted area. Those smells are not the easiest to get out, but with our experience and superior products, Unlimited can make YOUR home a pleasant smelling experience again. Let us know you have pets when you call so we come prepared!

Remove Smoke / Smoke Odors

Carpets hold a lot more than just dirt – the can hold smells like nobody’s business. In addition to the pet odors, smoke is commonly a smell that will get embedded into a carpet. Cigarette smoke, cigar smoke – or any kind of smoke seems to embed itself hard into carpets.  If you’re a smoker and you smoke in your home, you likely don’t even realize it – but we bet your guests do. Unlimited will get your carpets fresh and clean in spite of all the smoke YOUR carpet has seen. With solid truck mounted solutions that will handle things that those store rentals can’t touch, we are an affordable and FAST solution to getting your home smelling great again! Call us today!

Heavy Traffic Areas

Pet Odor RemovalPeople are always amazed when we work over a heavy traffic area. In many homes, certain paths get a lot of traffic. Over time, this will beat down the carpet fibers from use and trap a LOT of general dirt. The areas get discolored and flattened. There is NO better way to bring back the life to your carpet than by getting Unlimited Professional Services to professional clean your carpet. With our advanced products for cleaning and treating these traffic areas, we can bring old carpets back to life. Granted there are SOME carpets that are beyond anyone’s rescue but if there’s a beautiful carpet left under all those years of footsteps and wear, Unlimited Professional Services WILL bring it out for you to enjoy again. Call us today for professional carpet cleaning in Raleigh!

At Unlimited Professional Services we take care of all of that with our standard carpet cleaning services, plus we offer additional addons like pet odor (urine) treatment, scotchgard, smoke removal and pet hair removal. We also offer additional carpet treatment services like stretching and patching.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Unlimited Professional Services offer both commercial and residential carpet cleaning services at an affordable price. Our technicians are all trained to clean your carpet using a two-step cleaning process with the most advanced equipment available. This ensures outstanding results, leaving you with carpets that are clean, fresh, and residue-free.

All of our products are environmentally friendly and safe for your living environment, children and pets.


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