Triangle Seal Coating

sealcoat parking lotAsphalt degrades over time and consequently needs regular care in order to maintain its worth and to lengthen its useful life. The conditions that lead to asphalt failure of parking lots in North Carolina are: oxidation from sun, water, salt used during the cold season, automotive fluids and damage from traffic. The effects of these variables are weak and bleached asphalt which is likely to produce potholes and cracks.

Nip all of that in the bud and save yourself money in the long run with a good seal coating for your YOUR asphalt! Just one of our Triangle parking lot services.


A new asphalt parking lot has a beautiful, dark black color, but in North Carolina the oxidation process begins immediately which, over time, causes the pavement to slowly turn into light gray color. This oxidation process can by quite intense because it seeps deep into the pavement and the small agents used in the asphalt, such as sand and gravel, becomes loose and eventually taken away by wind and rain. As a result, the pavement area becomes rough and cracked. Sealcoating is the ultimate answer to help prevent oxidation. Here are a few ways it helps:

  • Protect the asphalt with quality sealcoating
  • Sealcoating helps stop the oxidation process
  • Sealcoating helps stretch your investment dollar
  • Seal coating forms a solid barrier on the pavement
  • Stops harmful UV rays from eating away at the pavement
  • Seals out the harmful effects from the elements

Asphalt Preventative Care – Sealcoating
sealcoating parking lotSealcoating applied to an asphalt parking area provides an effective barrier or seal between the elements above the sealcoating and the asphalt surface below it. Below the surface the sealcoating stays on the moist side which makes it pliable and as a result, resistant to cracking.

Unlimited Professional Services offers sealcoating services to asphalt parking lots in the Triangle region of North Carolina. We provide sealcoating parking lot services to commercial and industrial customers, and we specialize in sealcoating parking lots and commercial driveways. When you call Unlimited Professional Services for sealcoating, you are calling the best in the business. With our years of experience and know-how, you can rest assured that your blacktop will be sealed with a high quality, long lasting asphalt sealer.


When it’s time for maintenance and upkeep of your parking lot, call the pros at Unlimited Professional Services. In addition to sealcoating asphalt, we line-stripe parking lots, asphalt lots of all kinds, curbs, do pavement marking, and more.

Not only does our blacktop sealer lengthen the life of your parking lot, driveway or sidewalk, it also makes it look nicer too! Sealcoating your parking lot is one of the best ways of keeping out water and reducing the chances of costly repairs and earlier than necessary resurfacing. We use the finest sealcoating brokers out there to supply our customers with the finest service and at the greatest price to supply optimum value.

If you have a tight area or boundaries in your parking lot, then check with Unlimited on parking lot wheel stops and signage