Unlimited Professional Services seal coatingCracks appear in pavement every year.  It is part of the deterioration from the seasonal elements.  Getting these cracks patched is important.  Crack-free asphalt is attractive, and Sealcoating prevents further damage.

A driveway that seeps water underneath it can deteriorate to the point that complete reconstruction is necessary.  Many things can cause asphalt and concrete to crack, oil and UV rays are two things that contribute to this breakdown.  What can you do to prevent cracks from becoming a bigger issue?

Sealcoating is one process that can help. This unique coating is applied to the driveway and fills in the cracks preventing water and erosion from making them bigger.  It repels oil and protects the surface from the UV rays.

If you need to have your driveway sealcoated, the best time of the year to do so is the summer months.  For many places, this is between April and November.  Climates that are prone to rain may have a smaller window in which to seal the pavement.

Sealcoating should be applied when temperatures that are less than 50 degrees or if it is raining or snowing.

Many asphalt companies recommend that you perform sealcoating every two to three years.  If the asphalt is new, a coat should be applied the year after it has been installed.  Using sealcoating at that time allows your driveway to last a lot longer.  Without sealing your driveway may only last 15 years.  With sealing, you can expand that lifespan much further.

Scheduling your asphalt sealcoating ahead of time is always a good decision.  Sealcoating companies book up quickly the closer to summer you get so plan ahead and schedule early.  Often if you try to make an appointment once summer hits, everyone else has the same idea as you and it’s difficult to schedule a convenient time.

Protect your driveway and keep it looking attractive and have your sealcoating applied during the summer.

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