Why You Need Your Parking Lot Repaired Or Refinished

Parking lot repair can be a bit on the pricey side so you need to first determine whether you need to patch replace or completely refinish your parking lot. A properly constructed and maintained parking lot can last as long as even 30 years. Parking lot services can cater to a wide variety of customers be it small businesses, property management companies, retail chains, and large corporations. You need to make sure you are getting high-quality customer service and parking lot services if you opt for parking lot repair or refinishing services.

When asphalt begins to experience wear and tear, then you definitely need to call in reinforcements to do your asphalt reapir. Natural defects and cracks can reach a point where management is no longer an option even after years of sufficient maintenance. When the damage is noticeable that means its already way worse underneath. The sooner you repair it, the better off you will be.

Business And Residential

There may also be situations where a property owner has inherited a pavement that is in bad shape. This is actually very common. The first course of action in such a case is to determine any and all asphalt defects and then provide a solution to these problems. we will conduct a full-depth asphalt patch on any areas that require replacement of the asphalt base. Skin patches are more appropriate for areas where the problem only affects the surface. We are properly equipped with effective cold and hot patch materials not to mention we fill potholes in the parking lot regardless of the traffic or weather conditions. Immediately a parking lot begins to indicate wear and tear through minor block cracking, longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, or raveling, then this means it needs preventative maintenance. The process of effective maintenance is one that is continuous and regular monitoring is important to make sure this rehabilitation approach is yielding the expected results.

Our parking lot repair and refinishing services include crack sealing, parking lot striping, seal coating for which we have a specialized new machine, concrete patching/repair, signs, and ADA compliance.

Do You Need To Repair Your Parking Lot?Unlimited Professional Services parking lot signage

One thing to keep in mind is that you should only repair any parking lot damage that is visible, for your business wellbeing and liability’s sake. This is because you may find that not all damage to your parking lot will warrant the need for repair but we offer free on-site estimates so you can plan accordingly. As a local business we aren’t there to charge you as much as possible, we are there to help you get all of your stuff to quality standards for as cheap as we can.

The Importance Of Repairing Early

Taking care of your asphalt as soon as you notice defects by repairing any patches will save you money in the long run. Cracks and potholes can very quickly become worse than they already are. Years of concrete use can result in uneven surfaces and cracks even on the ground below the concrete surface. If these problems are not handled quickly, wear and tear or even rainfall can destroy the concrete. This could mean you will need to do a lot more work on your parking lot concrete surface in order to restore it. Be smart, try to catch things before they go bad on you!

Your go to company for any of your parking lot or asphalt needs is Unlimited Professional Services in Raleigh, NC. They’re equiped and trained to do almost anything you may need!

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