unlimited Professional Services pressure washingThe easiest way to give a new and fresh look to your home is cleaning your hardscapes. It is an easy and efficient way to effectively not only increase the appeal of your home but also to improve the condition of living areas outdoors without spending of large amounts of money. Washing off the molds, algae or layered dirt can seriously touch up the exterior appeal of your home. The easiest way to do this is by pressure washing. But the question arises, is it harmful? Does it damage the hardscape or bricks? What are downsides of this method?

Pressure washing is the best way for cleaning of outdoors. You can just use a power washer to wash away the dirt from the concrete, bricks or pavement. You can easily purchase a pressure washer from a local store or yards that have tool rental or hire a professional service. There is no high-skill or procedures involved to use a pressure washer. Just aim and pull the trigger. But as with any other appliance, proper usage is required, or it will lead to damage of not only the hardscape but also yourself. When not appropriately used a pressure washing can strip paint from the house or car, damage wooden decks and even cause injuries to the user.

Damage doesn’t lie in the methodology of pressure washing itself, but in the inexperience of the folks using the equipment. Use of too high pressure, inappropriate angle, wrong choice of a nozzle, spraying for too long and improper handling are the factors that lead to the visible and significant damage to the surfaces. Damage usually shows up in the forms of lines or pitting & also degradation.Unlimited Professional Services pressure washing

Choice of the wrong nozzle is often the cause of a disaster. Select your nozzle correctly and make sure it will not cause problems after buying. Be sure to use a continuous stream of water & don’t spray at the same area for too long. Keep your washer at least 12 inches away and always spray at an angle rather than directly spraying to any surface. To prevent any other damages, you might want to add surface cleaner attachment. While washing paving stones, avoid directly spraying between the joints as this will help remove the sand.

In conclusion, pressure washing is an excellent and efficient method of cleaning, but its disadvantages are highly dependent on the usage of the equipment. It can be very beneficial if used correctly.

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