Unlimited Professional Services pressure washingThe haulage industry is booming right now, with over 90% of the nation’s produce being transported by truck. However, it’s a highly competitive sector, and trucking companies will be looking for every tactic they can to cut costs and boost their profit margins. One of those techniques is having drivers wash their trucks, after all, surely that makes more sense than paying someone else to do it? In reality, though, this approach could be doing more harm than good. From wasting time that could be spent earning money, to spending money unnecessarily on cleaning overheads, there are plenty of drawbacks to washing trucks by hand. Having your fleet pressure washed brings a whole host of advantages which can help your company to grow and thrive.

First, pressure washing will save you a small fortune in the long run. Instead of having to cover overheads such as training for drivers, equipment, replacement parts, and maintenance, the pressure washing company will handle all of these factors themselves. All you have to do is pay for the service itself, and you can get a squeaky-clean fleet of trucks without any hassle. Having your vehicles inspected by experts can also help to flag any minor issues with the truck, so they are repaired.

Having to spend time cleaning an entire truck by hand can put additional strain on drivers. The trucking industry is already facing a driver shortage, with the average age of truckers increasing, and relatively few younger drivers coming in to take the place of retirees. Companies will, therefore, want to do all they can to hold on to their current fleet of drivers, as these experienced workers are a valuable commodity. Put simply, if drivers have one less thing to worry about as part of their job, they will be more likely to stay working with you, and you won’t be under so much pressure to hire new workers.

Finally, pressure washing your fleet means less wasted downtime for your drivers. Expert pressure washers can fully clean up to eight semi-trucks in a single hour, whereas a driver might only be able to clean one in that time. Bringing in a pressure washing company to keep your fleet sparkling is, therefore, the smart choice for trucking companies who value their time and resources, and want the most cost-effective way of cleaning their trucks.

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