Like every other morning, you are sitting and drinking your morning coffee. Like every other morning, you sit and watch your beautiful yard, the wonderful flowers you’ve carefully put out – and then you notice that fence that you haven’t touched in YEARS. And it looks bad. This is the first time you’ve looked at that once beautiful barrier between you and the rest of the neighborhood in forever. And boy does it NEED some work.

Clean Fences – Making You Proud

Blue Dawg can come in and take that old, grayed, weathered appearance and make it something to be proud of all over again. Provided it hasn’t completely disappeared over the previous years, we will be able to bring the natural appearance of the wood back to the surface. With proven experience and knowledge, our fence cleaning service is ideal for old and worn wooden fencing of any type.

Stained Fences

Once we get your fences cleaned up, then we can go back and stain and protect them to preserve them for years to come. Some people enjoy the natural graying process of wood and if that’s you, that’s fine. We can still protect the wood from the elements and let your fences age naturally. If you want a nice solid dark brown color, or any OTHER color out there, we can handle that for you too!