There’s just nothing better than the look and smell of a newly-installed wooden fence. The smell of cut wood, the pristine edges and texture. No, it will never look a bit better than this! Or will it?

Improving your fence

stain your fence in raleigh ncNot everybody likes the look of treated wood as it stands. Pressure-treated pine is one of the most commonly used woods for outdoor fencing available and certainly in our Raleigh Triangle area. Treated pine is most often what you will see and think of when you think of a fence or natural deck in our area. It starts off as a yellow/tan and without any further treatment, staining or painting, will eventually end up as a gray lumber. A wooden fence can last about 20 years without much upkeep. If you add some regular maintenance every few years to do a little touch up, your fence can last much longer!

Stained Fences

One of the most common things to do with your fence maintenance, is throwing some stain on that fence. While stain does cover over the natural color of pine, in many cases, a darker color actually complements one’s furnishings and surroundings even better. A solidly stained fence can provide a more finished look to your surroundings. It also presents excellent opportunities for more tailored landscape designs.

DIY Stains?

Sure, you can stain your own fence. It’s a great project for a weekend. It may give you an awesome sense of accomplishment when all is said and done. For a lot of people in our area, they’re too busy working to really take the time off to just do it. Long work schedules, commutes around the Triangle, traffic jams on I-440, ugh. Sometimes life in the Raleigh Triangle area can be a little stressful.

We Leave a Stain!

We are here for you. Let Blue Dawg hop on in and stain YOUR fence. We can do the work during YOUR work week. We normally can do your fence stain project in just a single day, so you can leave to go to work one morning and get home to a beautiful new fence that night! No muss, no fuss. That’s the BlueDawg way!

Contact BlueDawg for more information on staining your wooden fence today!