Cleaning your wooden fence regularly is a must if you want it to last longer. Wood is a solid structure, but it will easily deteriorate without proper care. A lot of homeowners neglect their wood fences and in the end spend a huge amount of money for replacement. Don’t let this happen to you!

Maintaining your wood fence can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your house. And Blue Dawg Power Wash can do the job well in keeping the exterior of your home bright, shiny and clean.

We are a professional Raleigh fence cleaning company that provides pressure washing services to clean outdoor surfaces in both residential and commercial properties. Our skilled and highly trained technicians can handle any type of exterior cleaning, including wooden fences.

When you feel like your fence is in dire need of a good cleaning, call our friendly team and we assure to provide the best cleaning results in not time!

Preserve Your Wood Fence’s Beauty!

Regular maintenance program is critical to preserving the structural integrity of your wooden fence. Daily exposure to UV rays and moisture eventually wear away your wood’s initial water repellent coating.
When left untreated, weather and other natural elements like dew, rain, and snow, can damage your unprotected wood.

With Blue Dawg Power Wash, your fence will remain beautiful with our cleaning and restoration process. Raleigh homeowners have trusted us for so many years when it comes to restoring and maintaining the appearance of their wood fences.

Let us add years of beauty to your home by thoroughly cleaning your fences!

Expert Wooden Fence Pressure Washing

If your wood fence is starting to look old and gray, then it’s about time to give it a well-deserved cleaning and restoration treatment. And we at Blue Dawg Power Wash, are the right team for the job!

Don’t give up hope just yet. Our wood deck restoration techniques can revitalize your old fence. We use the best cleaners, stains and sealers to safely and effectively bring your fence back to life. Our modern cleaning equipment coupled with years of experience in wood restoration business guarantee you only get top-notch results.

Our team of professionals provides the ultimate wood fence repair and fence maintenance services. Experience high-quality pressure washing service as well as wood fence cleaning with us!

Trust the #1 Power Washing Company in Raleigh!

When paint and stain coating starts to wear off, your wood loses its layer of protection. This will cause your precious investment to rot.

We don’t want you to lose such important property investment. Blue Dawg Power Wash is a locally owned and operated cleaning and restoration company serving Raleigh and surrounding areas. Our cleaning and wood sealing will ensure you get a beautiful, long lasting fence.

Wooden fence cleaning service is one of our expertise. We can restore the rich color and improve the overall structure of your wood. Once we’re done with the job, you’ll have nothing but a fence looking like new.

Let’s bring your wooden fence back to life! Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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