A wood fence is not only something that keeps your property private. Having a wood fence is also a big investment, thus, you need to make sure you properly maintain it. While wood is generally sturdy, it’s not indestructible. It needs to be regularly cleaned and checked for any sign of problem.

Step 1 –  Check all the pickets to make sure no nails have come out or that none of them are showing signs of rot. Hammer in any loose nails or replace with new ones.

Step 2 – Whenever you find mildew on any sections of the fence, clean it off right away. You can use a purchased mildew cleaner for the job or simply use soap and water and a scrub brush. Periodically, you need to scrub the entire fence with soap and water to remove all the accumulated dirt and grime. This will help your fence to last longer. Rinse it clean with cold water from the hose.

Step 3 – Every few years, you should have your wood fence repainted or stained. You can do this with a roller, a brush or a paint sprayer. However, using a sprayer tend to lead to overspray. You can place cardboard behind the fence and above it. However, it might still be best to go with the brush or roller if you’re doing the painting on your own as this will allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies of the fence.

Putting on coats of paint or stain is also critical to extending the life of your wood fence. If you haven’t used paint or stain on the fence, you should use sealer. This solution should be reapplied every year to give the most effective protection. Don’t skimp on the water seal to give really good protection for your wood fence.

 Step 4 Using caulk helps with wood fence longevity. Every year, you should put caulk between the wood fence and concrete fence posts. Such action will keep the moisture out. By doing all these things, you can greatly extend the life of your wood fence.
But for best wood fence maintenance, it is still best to get the services of professional wood fence power washers. Get in touch with us for more details.