Brick patios are undoubtedly attractive accompaniment to outdoor living spaces. However, it would not remain in the same condition and appearance if you fail to have your patio cleaned regularly. You see, brick and mortar is porous and before you even notice it, your patio may already look grimy and dirty.

Moss, algae, fungus, mildew and other discoloring stains will build up over time making your brick patio looking worn and unkempt. Don’t wait for that to happen. Let us, Blue Dawg Power Wash, handle your patio cleaning needs!

Power washing patio bricks and stones is one of our expertise. Actually we can make your patio looking fresh and clean no matter what type of patio stone you have. Our years of experience will assure you that you’d only get top-notch results.

We understand how much you spent on quality patio pavers, and we want to help you maintain your investment. Let us help you keep your patio looking attractive all year round!

Pressure Wash Your Raleigh Patio Stones 

When left unattended, your brick patio degrade due to dirt, mold, mildew and moss build up. Also remember that since that this material is porous, algae will enjoy digging into the cracks of your moist stone.

This is why having your patio power washed by professionals is essential to the upkeep of your home property. While some people pressure wash their patios by themselves, you have to consider that proper care and caution must be taken when power washing patio stones, as not all materials are alike.

Blue Dawg Power Wash is knowledgeable with different types of stones and bricks. We know that the cleaning needs of one is somewhat different with the other. Most homeowners fail to realize that they may be damaging their patios instead of preserving it. So let us handle this intricate process.

We are equipped with the right equipment and cleaning products to safely and effectively maintain and revive the condition of your patio. Our highly trained technicians are more than capable to perform any exterior surface cleaning task. Leave everything to us – you and your brick patio are in good hands.

Get Expert Brick Patio Power Washing

It’s inevitable that your brick patio and walls will be exposed to the elements that create stains: mortar, mildew, rust, paint, dirt, and more. But you can do something to preserve its beauty. Get Blue Dawg Power Wash to clean and treat your patio!

Remember that materials like bricks are different from other patio materials. It is extremely critical that only those who know how to properly clean brick patios handle your precious investment.

Instead of worrying too much about how to get the cleaning job done, it’s much simpler to allow US to remove all the dirt and harmful elements from your patio stones. Once we’re done, you might be surprised at how lovely your brick patio look once again.

Contact Blue Dawg Power Wash in Raleigh to find out more about power washing patio areas and all other exterior surface cleaning services we offer!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Blue Dawg Power Wash, you can have peace of mind while we work. Our years of experience in the pressure washing industry have given us knowledge and expert techniques in handling many types of cleaning tasks. We always stand behind our work 100%.

So if you want quality brick patio cleaning results, call Blue Dawg Power Wash today! And see the difference we can make…