Flagstone provides a beautiful, natural-looking setting to your patio. However, it requires special care to protect it from damage ad deterioration.

Well, no patio material is ever maintenance free, including flagstone. If you keep your flagstone patio, maintained properly it will last for many years. For your lovely flagstone to remain the same for years or to restore its former appearance, proper sealing, cleaning and repairing methods should be done.

Blue Dawg Power Wash is a trusted provider of patio cleaning services in Raleigh. We also specialize in restoring and maintaining exterior surfaces such as decks, fences, driveways, and walkways. If you are looking for a reliable pressure washing company that can efficiently and safely handle flagstone patio cleaning, we are the company to call.

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Over time, flagstone patios lose their shine due to exposure to harmful environmental elements, such as acid rain, moisture, mold, fungus, dirt, and mildew. These factors result in stains, discoloration and weathering of the patio surfaces.

Fortunately, Blue Dawg Power Wash can clean and restore your patio surface using our modern power washing techniques and environmentally friendly solution, specially designed for flagstone.

Aside from cleaning your patio, we provide specialty sealers designed to keep moisture and environmental damage away. Our exclusive sealers keep the surface clean and dry and reduce maintenance costs over time. While we cater flagstone patio cleaning, you can be sure that we can restore your patio no matter what the floor material is used.

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Flagstone is subject to stains, particularly if you live in areas where the water supply is alkaline or contains minerals. Apparently, dirt and stains are unavoidable in outdoor living spaces. That’s why it is important to have your patio regularly cleaned. It is also essential to reapply a sealer to protect the stone and retain its color over time.

Blue Dawg Power Wash offers patio power washing, cleaning, sealing and restoring services in Raleigh and nearby areas– may it be flagstone or other surfaces. We can offer a full and extensive restoration service. Our company is confident to provide quality cleaning results all the time as we have a skilled and highly trained team of technicians.

Our cleaners have a vast range of experience to cover any cleaning and restoration needs. Our modern equipment, as well as safe and potent solutions, also guarantee to give you the best results for your patio. Contact us and let us help you maintain your investment!

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Blue Dawg Power Wash is a leader in flagstone and other patio surfaces restoration. We are a trusted company in sealing natural stone surfaces throughout the Raleigh area. After years of development and testing, we take pride in our efficient cleaning process.

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