Unlimited Professional Services power washingEven though having a clean wood deck is an inviting hallmark of your home and yard, a dirty, unmaintained wood deck looks ugly. Anyone with a wood deck knows a sparkling clean deck gives their home a fresh look. To maintain the integrity of the wood, there are several cleaning methods to use including power washing.  Using power washing as a way of cleaning a wood deck is not a bad idea, but it needs to be applied correctly. Here are the things needed for power washing


Bleach can be used on a wooden deck to kill molds and algae that often discolor the wood. A mild chlorine solution can be used to kill mildew and mold on treated wood. The industry advises people to substitute oxygenated bleach for regular bleach to avoid damaging any surrounding landscape. Baking soda, borax, and vinegar are substitutes of oxygenated bleach for a more natural solution. Whatever solution you use, make sure it is mild. Consider pre-rinsing the deck and covering house siding and nearby plants.


Detergents are best when used for general dirt. Detergents are less harmful to a wood deck than a bleach solution. They can be mixed with the bleach solution, but before mixing, read the packaging.  For the best results, the detergent should sit on the wooden deck surface several minutes before power washing. This process is similar to soaking dirty laundry.

Scrub Brush or Pressure Wash?

After deciding whether to use a detergent or a bleach solution, you need either a scrub brush or a pressure washer. A pressure washer is faster than a scrub brush. To avoid damage when using a pressure washer, go light. Don’t use the highest pressure setting. Consider using a fan-style spray, and keep it 12 and 18 inches from the wooden deck. Also, keep the wand in motion to prevent water from etching the surface of the wood.

Wood decks don’t need to be pressure washed regularly, but depending on the condition of the wood deck, you can clean them twice a year.  In between washings remove debris and sweep periodically.

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