Has your wooden deck suffered under tough weather conditions? Have you neglected it for so long and is now looking old and dirty? Do you envy your friends or neighbors who have such attractive decks?

Then it is time to give your own wood deck its well-deserved restoration treatment.

Let Blue Dawg Pressure Wash handle it for you!

If you want your outdoor space to become an outdoor “living” space once again, then we are the right company to call.

Get Professional Wood Restoration Services in Raleigh

When it comes to wood restoration, it may seem that DIY home improvement project could be a good way to go. However, to ensure that your deck gets the best and appropriate treatment, you need to get the help of the experts.

Blue Dawg Pressure Wash provides top-notch wood restoration services in Raleigh and nearby areas. We are trusted in cleaning and treating deck surfaces. Count on us!

The beauty and durability of a deck restoration job depend both on the proper surface preparation as well as the quality of the products used. We are aware that your deck is one important outdoor investment for you and your family. That’s why you should only entrust it to a professional power wash company like us.

We’re no amateurs in deck cleaning and restoration. We’ve been doing this for years! Our highly skilled technicians will ensure that your deck will be cleaned properly, prepared for the treatment, and will look as good as new – nothing less!

Power Wash Your Wooden Deck Properly

Wood decks are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of weather and other elements. That’s why it is critical to have them cleaned and scaled on a regular basis. A poorly maintained deck will quickly turn gray in color. This change in color is a sign of deterioration due to dirt, mold, algae and other harmful elements.

While you can purchase a wood sealer from your local home improvement store, it’s just one part of what it takes to do a proper wood restoration project. Instead of restoring, you may even end up tearing or damaging your deck.
No need to worry about this intricate process – Blue Dawg Pressure Wash is here!

Our team of professional technicians will make sure that your wood deck is thoroughly washed and cleaned with a pressure washer to remove the dirt, grime, and all sort of dirt you can imagine.

As your trusted wood restoration specialist, we guarantee to professionally clean and strip your deck’s existing finish using safe and effective cleaners. We also use quality sealer to prevent any future deterioration.
Trust us, we can make your wood deck look BETTER THAN NEW!

Our Difference? Top-Notch Pressure Washing & Restoration Service.

A lot of contractors offer power washing or deck cleaning services without proper knowledge of outdoor wood care and sealers. Be extremely cautious when you choose a company to clean your outdoor wood structure.

Blue Dawg Pressure Wash is a trusted service provider when it comes to deck maintenance and restoration in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Let us make the process easier for you. We always do it right…

If you want to see exactly just how much better your wood deck could look, contact us today.

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