Is your deck showing the effects of damage and age? Not using it as much as you did before? Do you wish to bring it back to its former beauty or even better? Blue Dawg Pressure Wash can help.

Your deck should be a great space where you gather with family and friends — not a place you have to worry about maintaining or somewhat embarrassed about.

Our company’s deck restoration expertise and experience can definitely put new life back into your old deck. We offer more than just pressure washing. Our skilled technicians know how to assess the situation of your deck and what type of cleaners and brighteners to use to restore your deck’s natural beauty.

When you’re ready to begin your Raleigh deck restoration project, just contact us here at Blue Dawg Pressure Wash!

Wood Deck Restoration Service in Raleigh

Wooden surfaces around your home such as decks are constantly taking a beating from varying weather conditions. Through deck staining, you could dramatically change the look of the exterior of your home.

Many homeowners fail to properly care for their wooden decks. Such negligence can become a costly expenditure, not to mention it could significantly decrease the value of your home. That’s why it is important to have your deck properly cleaned, re-sealed and re-stained at the right times.

Deck staining and deck sealing, when done correctly and properly maintained, will ensure your home will have a great looking deck for a lot of years to come.

Blue Dawg Pressure Wash have years of experience sealing and staining decks to protect them from extreme weather conditions and other damaging elements. Trust us for your home’s deck staining needs – we always do it the right way!

Top-Notch Wooden Deck Staining Process

To properly stain or seal your deck, the professionals at Blue Dawg Pressure Wash ensures to completely clean the surface area first. This process entails removal of any loose dirt, gravel, or chipped paint. Once the loose debris is removed, our team of expert technicians will power wash your deck to make sure that it is ABSOLUTELY CLEAN before they begin sanding.

Sanding is one of the most critical steps when it comes to re-staining your deck. It makes the surface smooth to apply paint or stain as well as opens up the wood pores to become more receptive to the paint or stain being applied.

However, not all company takes the time to perform this important step. But because your SATISFACTION is our top PRIORITY, we make sure your deck gets the best restoration treatment possible.

Choose a Professional Power Washing & Deck Staining Company – US!

As experts in the care and maintenance of wooden decks and other exterior surfaces, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service coupled with a skilled team of professionals, whose mission is to deliver beautiful, long-lasting wood decks.

Choose us and be worry-free! We guarantee safe and effective products and technology to do the cleaning and restoration projects. We assure customers a real clean and damage-free deck each time.

So get your deck re-stained by the trusted power washing and deck restoration company in Raleigh, give Blue Dawg Power Wash a call today!